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Domestic production of Suli cable markets again down wires and cables "playing God" high

Cable industry overcapacity caused by repetitive construction, common wire and cable manufacturing equipment utilization generally of less than 40%. By the end of 2014, State Tower already built or under construction in China has exceeded the total number 80, conservatively estimated to have meets or exceeds all national cable companies outside China's State total number of towers.

Current in the wire and cable industry in China, foreign-funded enterprises accounted for a proportion. Nexans, biruili as well as from Europe came from Japan's Furukawa, Sumitomo has a considerable share of the cable market in China, foreign-funded enterprises advantage is more obvious in the high-end market. From the perspective of future developments, all walks of life for cable products demands high performance, high quality development, domestic enterprises want to get foothold in international competition in the enterprise must be in product performance, gradually narrowing the gap between advanced enterprises in the world.

In domestic competition, has obvious advantages over private enterprises and State-owned enterprises. Private enterprise mostly is a relatively new business, operating burden on small, flexible operation, fast compared to plant more State-owned enterprises in the wire and cable industry, various burdens, overall lack of awareness of innovation and development, and therefore are often at a disadvantage in competition with private enterprise. According to statistics, in 2014, the wire and cable industry in East China's largest, accounting for more than half of the total industry sales, to 63.77%, followed by South China sales revenue 11.97% per cent of total industry sales. Wire and cable industry sales in other regions is below 10%.

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