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Domestic wire and cable business transformation road

At present, the electrical industry production is unidirectional linear, open process, namely "resources-products-pollution" and to control polluting emissions. Electrical equipment industry to achieve sustainable development, companies must recycle economy development model to plan the future development of enterprises.

Conduct an inventory and if China's wire and cable industry, we find that although cleaner production has been raised for nearly ten years, but wire and cable manufacturers for the importance of cleaner production is not enough to implement is not enough. For example, conventional wire and cable products in the production, use and waste treatment process will produce serious pollution, toxic substances such as dioxin, lead and halogen. And in years money, European, and United States, and Japan, national on and wire cable about of pollution-will is attention, Government related institutions not only on wire cable manufacturing process of emissions real for strictly of limit, and on scrap wire cable of processing implementation full of monitoring, forced wire cable industry manufacturers used meet environmental requirements of material replaced traditional material, manufacturing environmental type wire cable or said clean line cable products, and green line cable products. In European, and United States and the Japan, developed, various type, and various uses of wire cable, as high low voltage power cable, and control cable, and communications cable, and ship with cable, and vehicles with cable, and high frequency with axis cable, and local cable, and instrument with cable, and building with branch cable, and cable, and environmental type wire cable supporting of package with, and joint, and Terminal, are has widely using environmental type products, non-environmental type wire cable has in these field market in the left.