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Drag chain cables new approach to the future development of science

Drag chain and cable industry as the largest of the automation industry, products are widely used in various fields of national economic construction, and is the basis of modern economic and social functioning of protection, product quality is directly related to people's life and property safety. Therefore, strengthening the drag chain cable product quality supervision, and vigorously promote wire and cable quality, regulate the cable industry healthy and orderly development, has become urgent events in all levels of Government and all relevant parties.

Analysis of failed products and non-conformance in 2015 and communications wire and cable products with quality, 1276, compared with 2014 77.5%. Main concentrated Yu cloth wire and power cable, and oak sets cable, and overhead insulation cable four class; wire cable products not qualified project main concentrated Yu conductor resistance, and appearance and the structure size, and cable logo, and insulation mechanical performance, and nursing sets mechanical performance, 12 a project Shang, not qualified project of number ibid a annual basic keep consistent, but not qualified project of total batch reached has 2,110 times, compared growth 49.9%.