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Laser code spraying machine for wire and cable industry, equally significant

Laser spray code machine for wire cable industry for also meaning major: means with cable products of date, and batch, and brand, and serial number, and II dimension code, identifies once spray Shang on again also cannot change, up to larger of security role; means with can boycott part of fake, prevent wrongful manufacturers organic can while; means with can on wire cable industry of mess as up to must of boycott role, to upgrade wire cable products quality.

At present, the laser ink jet printer from food, beverage industry slowly began to wires and cables, batteries, and development of the industry. Traditional wire and cable marking is generally used ink-jet, pollution and the use of high cost, ink consumption is enormous. It is understood that a middle-sized company one year purchase of ink up to 40.5 million or even millions. Laser printing equipment upfront cost will be a little higher, but it does not have any supplies, low power consumption, long term absolute benefits.