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United States General cable (China) exhibition SNEC PV industry in pushing to upgrade

May 24, 2016-26th, the tenth international photovoltaic and photovoltaic Engineering (Shanghai) exhibition and Forum held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. "SNEC PV Conference (Shanghai) exhibition" from the 15,000 square meters of the first regular session of 2007, 150,000 square meters of development by 2015, has been in China, in Asia, in the world's most influential international and specialized, large-scale PV event. United States General cable (China) as co-sponsors to participate actively in the show, carefully built Pavilion STABILOY served as guest? I Tak alloys? rich aluminum cable product and its quality solutions in the field of photovoltaics.

The exhibition, attracted from around the world in 90 countries and regions a total of more than more than 1500 exhibitors, including Siemens, well-known foreign energy companies, such as ABB, vision, energy, and to show a lot of photovoltaic solar power generation with the latest research, serves to show the vitality of the industry. New energy for economic development and community to provide a steady flow of power, but at the same time as generating the exceptional geographical location, special link application process combined with the cable with a higher, more refined, more functional and quality requirements. Photovoltaic panels, power grid, power, inverter generator, slip-box as a basis for 5 photovoltaic power generation, PV links in linked together, each ring plays an important role. The meeting, the United States General cable (China) area show its STABILOY? I Tak alloys? aluminum cable combination for users in various industries, including the PV industry to provide an initial consultation products, hardware purchases, installation, sale and repair of one-stop services.