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Wire and cable industry will gradually move closer to the Internet trends

At present, the market environment is very good in the wire and cable industry, further improvement of domestic steel and metal materials, import substitution, change China's only cable can reach the international market accepted and the level of participation in the competition, cable 70% varieties need to increase production levels and grades of condition. In the past more than 10 years, the wire and cable industry spent nearly billion yuan for the purchase of special equipment for wire and cable, and each year an average of about 1.5 billion yuan. Steel and metals accounted for a large proportion, mainly steel, special steels and alloys.

Energy wire cable Internet trends should not be underestimated. Energy in simple terms is through the Internet the Internet combined with renewable energy such as wind, solar, and easily share their energy. Wire and cable as a transmission power of conveyor belts, which should not be underestimated. Wire and cable in China manufacturing industry plays a very important role, the current annual output of more than 1.2 trillion yuan. Wires and cables transmit electricity, electrical energy, and electromagnetic energy conversion of wire products. Under the trend of rapid development of the Internet in today's energy, are trying to speed up the development of electric wire and cable industry, trying to overcome excess capacity, but not strong and so on, fully seize the opportunities of Internet + strategies to achieve efficiency, intelligent manufacturing.