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Wire and cable sources under the trend of Internet development opportunities

With China wire cable industry development quickly, 2016 still will is China wire cable industry of development of years, quality still is full industry development of heavy in the of heavy, face with full industry capacity excess of pressure, national "area way" strategy and China equipment accelerated out of to are will for China wire cable industry provides new opportunities, whole line cable industry need in quality Shang continues to hard "skills".

At present, the market environment is very good in the wire and cable industry, further improvement of domestic steel and metal materials, import substitution, change China's only cable can reach the international market accepted and the level of participation in the competition, cable 70% varieties need to increase production levels and grades of condition. In the past more than 10 years, the wire and cable industry spent nearly billion yuan for the purchase of special equipment for wire and cable, and each year an average of about 1.5 billion yuan. Steel and metals accounted for a large proportion, mainly steel, special steels and alloys.