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Automotive Wire And Cable Standards Published

According to People's Republic of China announcement of newly approved standards, 2010 4th (total 159th), approved by the national standardization Management Commission, drafted by Beijing Automotive wire co, national automotive Standardization Technical Committee under the three Automotive wire and cable standards was released on September 2, 2010, in effect on February 1, 2011. These three criteria are:

GB/T25085-2010 road vehicles-60V and 600V single conductor wires

GB/T25087-2010 road vehicles round, shielded and unshielded 60V and 600V multicore jacketed cables

GB/T25089-2010 road vehicles cables

The publication of three national standards implementation, end the status of China's wire and cable standards without a car, in favour of domestic automobile design and selection, standardize and promote the healthy development of automotive wires and cables industry is of great significance.