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Fire-resistant Cable

Fire-resistant flame can keep it running for some time, keeping the integrity of the circuit, the type cable fire power with a certain time.

Fire-resistant cable according to the national standard (GB12666-99) can be divided into two grades: the NHA, and NHB; general product name, NHA is usually represented by GNH, is a high fire-resistant cables. NHB represented as NH in ordinary refractory products.

Fire-resistant cable can work when the fire occurred (transmission of currents and signals), flame-retardant or not is not in the assessment of its own column. Flame retardant cable soon stop working when the fire occurred, which is nonflammable and does not spread to extinguish. Fire-resistant cable 750~800℃ flame in 180 minutes of normal operation.

Fireproof cables are actually other types of fire-resistant cable. It is based on copper as conductive core, with seamless copper tubes as the sheathing, to inorganic mineral MgO insulation material group

As a whole are inorganic materials, therefore, the entire fire-proof cable neither Burns nor flame-retardant. And able to withstand fire. Tests showed that burn in a flame 800~900℃ 2 hours, cable normal power operation, flame burning for 30 minutes at 1000 ℃ is still intact, continue to run normally. Normal operating temperatures up to 250 c, safe and reliable operation.