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Flame Retardant Wires And Cables

Flame retardant refers to block, delay the spread of flame along the wires and cables, fire does not expand, the type cable fire have self-extinguishing properties.

Flame retardant cable according to the national standard (GB12666-99) can be divided into three levels: ZRA and the ZRB, and ZRC. General product naming, ZRA is usually represented by GZR, is known as flame retardant cables or high oxygen barrier cables or flame retardant high oxygen barrier cable. ZRC ZR in General flame retardant products.

Flame retardant cables are for General Electric and physical and chemical properties of the cable at the same time, self-extinguishing, resistant and burning or when the cable introduced their own ignition or fire was burning, after putting out the fire cable is no longer burning, or burning for a short time (60 minutes), or extended combustion length is very short.

Halogen-free flame-retardant cable relative to halogen-free flame retardant cable has a low toxicity and low smoke, halogen-free advantages. Flame-resistant level is not high, is basically a c class. Its reason is halogen free radical oxygen fire swallowed energy efficiency than non-halogenated flame retardant degradation temperature of the energy efficiency.

Oxygen barrier technology primarily in the cable insulation wire between the outer sheath of the cable and filling with a layer of inorganic metal hydrate, it is nontoxic, odorless, free of halogen white glue. Oxygen barrier-free flame retardant cable without changing the cable, cases of material parameters, suitable for low, medium and high voltage power cables, control cables, communication cables and cable fire retardant class a.