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Four Ministries To Adjust Subsidies For New Energy Vehicles And Into Standard Energy Saving Highlights

It is reported that prior to the implementation of new energy vehicles in China battery packed so much in subsidies subsidies many strange phenomena, in order to get higher subsidies, many renewable energy companies are simply putting the battery in the car, without really thinking about the efficiency of energy saving and emission reduction. The four ministries of reasonable subsidies were revised in the past, the biggest bright spot is that subsidies will be subject to the actual mileage of energy saving effect. This is the market needs to correct judgment, will help market new energy vehicle technology roadmap.

Country strong support of new energy vehicles, subsidies become major profit source. Main basis for subsidies for energy conservation and emission reduction effects, and considers the cost of production, economies of scale, technological advances and other factors gradually fall back just. With the four ministries previously issued draft "2017 pure electric cars, plug-in electric hybrid car subsidies in 2016, based on 10%, 2019 standard by 2017 and then fall 10%" compared to the standard, the fall back just more. 2017 ~2020-year fuel-cell cars, subsidies for other models the appropriate cut, 2017-2018 and 2019-2020 year allowances were lower than in 2016 and 40%.