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Henan High Voltage Wires And A Huge Potential Market, Have Been Recognized By The World

Meet the needs of user enterprises on the one hand, some conductors for user bunch stranded conductor soft structure, which requires production enterprise cable reliability and user communication to the round compacted conductors. In addition, soft MICA tape, double stranded structure beam line could easily lead to damage, is not suitable for use as a fire-resistant cable conductors.

Are fan-shaped conductors should not be used on the other hand, MICA tape for fan-shaped conductor wrapped pressure is not evenly distributed, fan-shaped core of Bao Yunmu around three fan point pressure is greatest. Due to MICA is tablets-like Portland polymer, its layer between molecular attraction far than Crystal within of S1-0 Covalent bonds of key force weak, layer between easy sliding, by Silicon bonded, but bonded strength low, in forces scraping mill, and extrusion Shi very easy off split, especially used fan structure Shi, around package Hou of line core through wheel, and points line rod and row line to tooling round side Board edge, and Hou road process squeeze package insulation into die core Shi, are easy scraping injury and the touch injury, to led to electric performance declined.