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Some Problems Need Attention In Fire-resistant Cables

Staff at the time of installation of fire-resistant cable needs to pay attention to the following issues:

1, when the fire-resistant cables for cable-intensive cable tunnel, dissection, or when located near tubing, oil depots and other inflammable places, should be the first choice of class a fire-resistant cables. Remove these, and when a small number of cable configurations, class b fire-resistant cable should be used.

2, most of the fire-resistant cable for emergency power supply circuit, asked to fire works. Sharp rise in ambient temperature due to the fire, to ensure the line's capacity, reducing pressure drop, for the power supply line is long and strictly limit allowable voltage drop circuit should be at least fire-resistant cable cross section enlarge a document.

3, fire-resistant cables cannot be used as a heat-resistance cable.

4, in order to reduce the probability of failure in the fire accident of cable connector, should try to reduce the number of joints in the installation to ensure the lines working in the fire. If the branch wiring needs to be done, fireproof joints.