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Standardization Of Sino-American Electric Vehicle Startup Tesla Internal Charging Problem Will Solved

Last year German electric vehicle standards harmonization in chemical industry started, China electric vehicle standardization work will start immediately. If electric vehicles standardisation work started, Zhejiang means Tesla charging problem has been solved in the country.

At present global standards for electric vehicle charging there are four forms: respectively, European, Japanese and American standards, there are some differences between standards of four. "Charging standard itself there was little difference between the German, Exchange is the seven-pin interface, but DC is different. And differences between the two countries was very clear that United States are five-pin plug, China seven-pin plug, United States also have different charging standard, and the American standard is only a recommended standard, there is no compulsory. "

Before the Sino-American and Sino-German electric vehicle charging project was formally launched in July last year, according to the cooperation agreement, on the premise of vehicles without sacrificing functionality and security, China and Germany production electric vehicle charging interface standard will achieve complete reunification.